Show It Off, LLC
Inflatable Games for All Ages & Occasions
Show It Off, LLC
Locally Owned & Operated!

It is our goal to offer Inflatables that are "larger than life" and unique to any other Inflatables in Oklahoma. Our rental fees reflect the cost of these unique Inflatables.

When looking for an inflatable company for your next event, there are some things you should consider. First, is the company insured? If the company responds with a no, you should run like crazy. Second, ask if the company has been state inspected? Oklahoma law states that all inflatable rides in the state of Oklahoma must be inspected every year by the Department of Labor. You cannot be inspected by the state without insurance, Show It Off, LLC is completely insured and inspected yearly.

We are a company that can be trusted. We deliver a superior service at a fair price. Give us a call and you will see that we are unlike any Inflatable company out there!

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All personal rentals require a $50 non refundable deposit. If there is bad weather the day of your rental, your deposit can be used for 90 days towards another rental. Remaining balance is due when driver delivers or you pick the unit up from our warehouse.
This deposit rule applies to personal rentals. Churches, Schools, and Corp. rentals need to contact us for terms. We do accept Purchase Orders!

Show It Off, LLC is a proud member of the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce.

Show It Off, LLC's operators have SIOTO (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization) training.

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We are located in Muskogee, OK and rent the following things:

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